Persisting in the face of adversity and defying the odds to achieve your goals is a source of excitement and joy.

I have been blessed with an inquisitive mind, but to establish my digital footprint and make a name for myself, I had to be creative. I know from the start that personal branding is not easy, and this is the reason I enlisted the services of professional firms. They did amazing work building my digital footprint and putting my name out. This has helped me personally and professionally.

But success doesn’t come cheap, mind you. I had to bear the cost to get myself, my opinions, and my company featured in various digital publications. From getting credit for National Wagyu Day to contributing to a Forbes article as an industry expert, I have come a long way with the help of some good marketing and personal branding companies.

My desire to achieve my goals wouldn’t have materialize if I hadn’t find the right companies to help me get featured on various media platforms.

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My Personal Digital Outreach

Life is a great teacher, and there are various ways to acquire knowledge. Steve Haddadin, however, discouraged the conventional routes of going to college (although I have been to many), traveling and meeting people, and reading books. Instead, Steve Haddadin has a different way of teaching what Ivy Leagues can’t. You just have to engage in any sort of financial or non-monetary transactions with him, and Steve Haddadin will teach you that appearances can be deceiving and not all that glitter is gold.

Steve Haddadin Real Estate Broker

A Best Seller In The Making

Have It Your Way

I also hope to sell a million copies of my forth coming book with a hefty and powerful paid digital credibility of mine! To know more about me check about me here

Steve Haddadin's Quotes:

On Life: The greatest joy in life comes from achieving your goals. Especially when the odds are against you.​

On Investing: Saving money is like buying food from the store and just leaving it in your fridge. Eventually it will rot. Investing is like planting a garden. With time you will reap the rewards of you seeds. Some seeds won’t grow, and some seeds will feed you for a lifetime.

On New Ideas: Whenever you come forward with a new idea, it is often times faced with fierce opposition. Once you demonstrate success with the idea, those same opposing forces will come forward trying to take credit for your idea. It’s important to document your progress.

On Leadership: If your presence scares your team, you’re a bad leader. If your presence inspires your team, you’re a good leader.

On Networking: Good networking is expensive. Invest in networking. A good education alone will get your foot in the door.

On Being “Of Value”: It’s not what you know, it’s who you know is only a half-truth. The people that you want to connect with will be interested in you if you can also provide value to them. It is a two-way street, so you still have to know stuff.

On Responsibility: Often times we are so focused on fulfilling our requirements, that we end up forgetting about our responsibility.

On Perseverance: Whenever you face a new challenge you have 2 choices. Either you find a way out and keep going, or you resort to an escape and justify quitting. That is the line that separates you from where you are today and where you want to be.

On Standing Out: If you only do what is considered normal or socially acceptable, you will never know how truly amazing you can be.

On Accomplishing Goals: The more that something is looked at as crazy or impossible, the more excited I get about accomplishing it.

On Education: As a student, I did not look for the professors that would give me an easy A. I sought after learning from someone with experience that I could learn practical things from.

On Character Assessment: Character assessment is important to understand, it will save you a lot of time and unnecessary conflicts.

On Scaling a Business: The key to scaling is not only about mastering a system. It is what you build from the value that you bring to the table.